Consulting and Contracting

@ Random Research develops and consults Digital Signal Processing (DSP) Intellectual Property (IP). @ Random Research specializes in developing DSP IP for FPGAs and ASICs.  As a result of this development we have also acquired advanced skills for HDL verification and embedded system development.  For more information on DSP IP and/or consulting please email


Consulting and Contracting available for the following:
  1. DSP Algorithm Development
  2. Algorhithm to Silicon Impementaiton (FPGA and ASIC)
  3. Large Digital Desgin Verification
  4. Embedded System Programming and Design

OpenSource Projects

@ Random Research also sponsors and participates in open source projects. The following is a list of open source projects sponsored by @ Random Research.


USB FPGA Development Board and supporting software. This project was co-developed with deHalas Technologies. This project is an open source USB FPGA Development Board with supporting HDL, firmware, and application software.

Python SVM Music Classification

The iClass project is a spin off of a paper writtin for an artificial intelligence conference.  This project has been made an OpenSource project and converted to Python (previously in Matlab).  This project has applicatons in multimedia management, automation, searching, and online music stores.

OpenSource Support

Support for the OpenSource projects can be obtained from the @ Random Research forum.

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